02/25/2018 12:17AM

Gas Turbine Qualification Waitlist
This 40 hour course includes classroom instruction and hands-on projects performed on a Frame 5 GE Combustion Turbine.
Number: 11/23
Status: Already booked
Location: UBC International Training Center 6801 Placid St. Las Vegas, NV 89119 Registration for the Wait List is made through online registration or by calling the Apprenticeship at 586-573-4660
Max. Particip.: 30
Bookings: 29
Bookable: 1
•  All participants must be a member of Millwrights Local 1102 and present a current dues card before taking the class. •  Work attire is mandatory; shorts, cut-off sleeves, sandals etc. are not allowed. •  All participants must bring paper, highlighter, pen, and pencil. Additional course requirements will be noted below. • Prerequisites: Rigging Qualification, Millwright 16 Hour Safety, Gas Turbine Familiarization, and HYTORC. • A scientific calculator such as the Texas Instruments TI-30 Xa.