02/25/2018 12:31AM

HYTORC Bolting Technician Waitlist
The safe use of HYTORC bolt tensioning equipment is examined along with a hands-on project. Members on the waitlist will be contacted when a class is scheduled.
Number: 10112013b
Status: Already booked
Location: Millwright Institute of Technology 27555 Mound Rd. Warren MI 48092
Max. Particip.: 16
Bookings: 21
Bookable: 0

All participants must be a member of Millwrights Local 1102 and present a current dues card before taking the class.

Hard hat, work boots, work gloves and safety glasses are required. Work attire is mandatory; shorts, cut-off sleeves, sandals, etc. are not allowed.

All participants must bring paper, highlighter, pen, and pencil. Additional course requirements will be noted below.