02/25/2018 12:21AM

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Waitlist
Members on the waitlist will be contacted when the class is scheduled. The PITO course covers Industrial fork trucks in accordance with CFR 1910.178, ANSI standards (B56.1 - 1969) and ASME (B56.6-1992).
Number: 12072012
Status: Already booked
Location: Millwright Institute of Technology 27555 Mound Rd. Warren MI 48092 *For more information, call the Apprentice School at 586-573-4660
Max. Particip.: 30
Bookings: 54
Bookable: 0

All participants must be a member of Millwrights Local 1102 and present a current dues card before taking the class.

Hard hat, work boots, safety glasses and work gloves.Work attire is mandatory; shorts, cut-off sleeves, sandals, etc. are not allowed.

All participants must bring paper, highlighter, pen, and pencil. Additional course requirements will be noted below.